What is PlanItDIY?

PlanItDIY.com, brought to you by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), is the ultimate source for DIY home repair and maintenance information, proudly supported by Adams Building Supply. PlanItDIY.com offers a rich and vibrant connection to a world of content. From home décor, lawn and garden, kids' activities, seasonal projects, and so much more, you'll discover a treasure trove of ideas and inspirations.

  • Your Go-To Resource for DIY Projects

    Need help with a project but don't know where to start? PlanItDIY.com is filled with how-to advice and guidance, presented in an engaging mix of photos, videos, and project lists. The extensive video library features step-by-step videos complete with printable instructions and tool lists for each project.

  • Join Our DIY Community at PlanItDIY.com

    Become part of a community of fellow DIY enthusiasts at PlanItDIY.com. Engage in the community forum to ask questions, seek advice, share ideas, and showcase your completed projects. You're never alone in your DIY journey with the community of PlanItDIY.com to guide and support you.

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere

    And the best part? PlanItDIY.com is fully accessible on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring the tools and guidance are always at your fingertips. Consult tool lists, watch videos, or engage with the community whether at home or on the go. With PlanItDIY.com, your DIY projects are made easier and more enjoyable, no matter where you are.

  • About the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA)

    NRHA is a not-for-profit trade association comprising independently owned hardware stores, home centers, and lumberyards. Governed by a board of independent retailers, including Adams Building Supply, NRHA's mission is to empower these retailers to become more proficient and profitable.

  • Adams Building Supply & PlanItDIY.com

    Adams Building Supply is proud to align with PlanItDIY.com to provide you with the best DIY resources and community. Dive into your next project with confidence, knowing we've got your back! Visit PlanItDIY.com today, and let's build something great together!

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