Gift Cards

Dreams Begin Here

A gift is a gesture of love and thoughtfulness. But a Castle gift card? It's more than just a present.

With every Castle gift card, you gift dreams, potential, and a sea of opportunities. Whether it's about fixing, enhancing, or innovating, our gift card is the key to making dreams a reality.

Occasions? We’ve Got You Covered!

Weddings, birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day - or just because. Whatever the reason, a Castle gift card fits the bill.

Dream Big. Leave the Rest to Us.

You provide the aspiration; we provide the means.

Castle Consumer & Commercial Credit Card

Building Tomorrow, Today.

Contractors and everyday dreamers alike, it's time to power up your projects with the Castle credit card. Enjoy deferred financing, plus amazing rewards every time you swipe.

Quick. Easy. Secure.

Our application process is a breeze. Drop by our store with the form, and get decisions almost instantly.

Download and Apply!

Get started right away. Download our Application Form (PDF) and visit us.

Your Financing Choices

In-House Financing

Exclusive to our trusted customers. Settle your accounts by the 15th of the next month. Be aware, overdue accounts incur a 2% monthly service charge (26.8% annually). Remember, all goods are under Allen Building Centre's title until full payment.

Want to open a house account? Ensure the application is comprehensive. Incomplete applications will be returned, leading to delays.

Download our House Account Application.

Cash Account - For Our Frequent Flyers

For our loyal patrons who like upfront payments, setting up a cash account is beneficial. With all details on file, you can enjoy streamlined returns and possibly even exclusive pricing, depending on your spending habits with us.

Credit Card Application - It’s Your Time!

Want to redefine how you finance?

  1. Download our Application Form (PDF).
  2. Fill it out and bring it to our store.

Remember, clarity is key. Ensure all details are filled to avoid application delays. Your data is safe with us.